14th Annual Southern California Touring Tears Gathering

Lake Perris SRA, Perris, CA

March 18 > 21, 2010

For registration form Click here Click for 2010 Registration form

You are invited to join the fun at the 14th S.C.T.T. Gathering. Lake Perris proved to be a great location for our 13th S.C.T.T. Gathering, so we're going to be there again in 2010. One of the many bonuses about Lake Perris is that it is easier to find and less crazy traffic! See the map below. The date will be March 18>21, 2010.. Note that we are including Thursday for the 14th Gathering. This date is about 2 weeks before Easter Sunday.


We are reserving the larger area with 160 sites. Each site is on asphalt and has water, electric (bring your own power adapters, extension cords, etc.) table and a fire ring. Most sites have mature trees. There are three restroom building plus three portables the S.C.T.T. loop. Each site is allowed three vehicles or two teardrops and two tow vehicles. Lake Perris is also a water recreational area. Boating and fishing are allowed. If you tow a water toy with a separate vehicle, you may be charged by the Park for the extra vehicle and required to park the extra vehicle outside the teardrop camping loop

Friday - Dutch-Oven-A-Thon - CLICK here for all the info

Saturday we will have potluck. If your last name begins with A - L bring a main dish, M - S bring side dish or salad and T - Z bring desserts.

To insure the safety and enjoyment of all Teardroppers, S.C.T.T. asks that attendees comply with the following:

WHO CAN ATTEND: This Gathering is for traditional teardrop trailers only. Sorry, no travel trailers or T@Bs. (See "RV Friends" below)

FEES AND DEAD LINES: Return registration form immediately. Camping fee: $20.00 per night prior to March 1, 2010. Registration received after March 1, 2010 will be $25.00 per night. The registration form has a pre-order form for 14th SCTT T-shirts and name tags. Include your T-shirt and name tags order form and money with your registration form. We CANNOT guarantee T-shirt orders received AFTER the March 1st.

VISITORS: The Gathering is published on the Internet, RV magazines, and local newspapers. All visitors will/could be charged the Park day use fee. Please advise advise anyone interested in coming to check-out the teardrops that they may be charged the day use fee. The best days to visit are Fridays and Saturday since many Teardroppers leave early Sunday.

DAYS & NIGHTS: You are welcome to arrive before March 18th. If you plan to arrive early, please register early and indicate you arrival date. Your registration fee is based on how many nights you will be staying. For example, if you arrive on Thursday the 18th and leave on Sunday the 21st you will have four days and three nights and pay $60. DO NOT MAKE RESERVATIONS THROUGH THE PARK RESERVATION SYSTEM. S.C.T.T. has the entire Coyote & Owl Loop reserved for the week prior to the Gathering. We will not have to wait for motor homes to leave before a teardrop can occupy a site. Include all the days that you will be camping on the 14th Gathering Registration form. Please make a special note on your registration form if you plan to spend Sunday night at the Park.

CONFIRMATION NOTICE: When your registration is received you will be sent an e-mailed confirmation notice. If you do not have an e-mail address, you will be mailed a confirmation notice. KEEP THIS NOTICE OR E-MAIL. THE NOTICE OR E-MAIL IS YOUR ENTRY TO THE PARK. PRESENT THE NOTICE OR E-MAIL AT THE KIOSK WHEN YOU ARRIVE AND YOU WILL NOT PAY THE CAMPING FEE. At the kiosk ask for a copy of the Park rules. Please read them carefully.

RV FRIENDS: If you have friends with RV's other than teardrops, who wish to camp outside the teardrop camping area, reservation can be made through the Park’s reservation system and camp in an adjacent camping loop. Regular camping fees will apply.

SITE ASSIGNMENTS: Camp sites WILL NOT be assigned. First come, first serve. If you want to camp with a specific group, it is advisable to have someone arrive early to claim a site. If you require a handicap site, please make a note on the registration form.

HANDICAP SITES: Please indicate on your registration form if you need a handicap site. We will hold the site for you.

BE PREPARED: Rain or shine. It never hurts to be prepared - to protect from all the sunshine!

DOGS: Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Please cleanup after your dog immediately. Don’t be responsible for a “no dog” policy. If your "Best Friend" isn't friendly to other "Best Friends", please, leave it/them home with Grandparents.

QUIET TIME: All Teardroppers are asked, please, observe the 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. quite time at Lake Perris State Park.

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